10 simple life hacks to boost your mood

What is the secret of happiness? A new job, new boyfriend, a bigger house, more friends? Well, not really. Experts all agree that happiness is a matter of choice. We can choose to be happy, to be a more positive person. And it’s a decision some of us need to make every day. 

But we know that it can be quite a struggle to change our mindset and be prepared for a change for the better. So, we’ve made a list of things that should contribute to your day-to-day happiness. These simple life hacks can boost your mood and turn any Blue Monday into a happier, more productive day. Try at least some of them, if not all, and you will see an improvement in your happiness levels right away!

  1. Smile like you’ve been blessed with all the treasures of the world

Or fake it till you make it! Did you know that Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist who created Darwinism – the theory of evolution, was among the first to notice that facial expressions can affect disposition, just as much as they can reflect it? What does this mean? Well, first, it means that we smile when we’re happy, so the other way around could work too. Smile, and you’ll be happier! Your brain will naturally respond to these stimuli, and all of a sudden, your mood is much improved. It’s so simple and efficient, right?

  • Be grateful

One of the most powerful things you could do each morning to prepare for a bright new day is to be grateful. Maybe you don’t feel great, and you’re all stressed out; it’s raining outside; with just a simple gratefulness ritual, you could have a new, spectacular start to your day! Just think of three things to be grateful for as soon as you wake up. Keep your eyes closed and say “Thank you” for your health, the roof above your head, your kids, your life, and all the other little things we barely have time to notice anymore! Being grateful first thing in the morning can open your eyes to how lucky you are and could really boost your mood asap!

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  • Exercise

It sounds like a chore, more like something that would boost morale, but, once again, all experts agree – exercise can make you feel better and happier, and it’s just a matter of practice. And all you have to do is set up a daily routine, it could be as little as 20 minutes in the morning, for stretching, jogging, yoga or whatever type of exercise you prefer. Your body will thank you for it, and your mind too!

  • Be kind to yourself

You just woke up, and you feel like it’s late already, and you have a million things to do and no time? This is a good time to breathe and be kind to yourself. It’s ok to be late once in a while. It’s ok to not to everything. It’s ok to take breaks. Everything is as it should be. Being kinder to yourself can take you one step closer to a happier you!

  • Increase your vitamin B intake

Did you know that a lack of vitamin B can make you feel tired and irritable? So, no, it’s not always your periods but also your diet that can affect your mood. Watching your diet closely or taking natural supplements can really help boost your mood and make you happier!

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  • Don’t stress yourself over the little things

So, your house is a mess, you haven’t got a manicure in forever, and you feel like you can’t do it all. Cleaning the home alone might feel like a full-time job sometimes. But is it really worth it stressing over the little things? The dishes can stay in the sink for a few hours while you get your nails done. Because beautiful nails might make you much happier than clean dishes!

  • Sort out the clutter in your home

We just discussed how a manicure could enhance your mood significantly, and you should have clear priorities! However, to be a little happier every day, you need to sort out a messy environment. It might be your office, your room, or your whole house. Put it on your priority list and just get it done when the time comes. The chances are you’ll feel happier after!

  • Sort out the financial issues

One of the things that can impact your mood daily is your financial situation. If you’re constantly worried about money, it might be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, in a way, you are inviting anxiety to take residence in your life. This is the reason why you should take all the necessary steps to sort out the financial issues. Of course, this can’t be done in a blink of an eye, but all you have to do is make a plan, get advice, or any kind of help that is available. Or just make a promise to stop borrowing money or pay out the debts. Gaining control over your financial situation can make you feel much better!

  • Enjoy the sun and fresh air

It might not seem like much, but getting out of the house or the office even for 15 minutes in your lunch break can boost your mood and make you happier. The UV rays help the body produce vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to an increased level of serotonin in the body. And we all know that serotonin is also known as the happiness hormone! 

  1. Make it a goal to be nicer to everyone

Or, let’s say it like this – make it a priority to spend an hour a day without saying or thinking anything negative. How hard can this be? Then let’s try to make it a day, a week, a month, a year! It’s not easy, but this simple exercise can help you identify what the things and thoughts that affect your mood every day are. Control your thoughts for a happier you!