When to exercise to make the most out of your routine

Should we exercise in the morning or in the evenings? Should we hit the gym the moment we open our eyes or in our lunch break? And, more important, is there a difference when we exercise as long as we do exercise? Well, if we were to listing to the experts, there are pros and cons to exercising in the morning and the same goes for any other part of the day. However, what everybody agrees on is that we do need to exercise to stay fit and healthy.

When you start exercising, you should know that it takes your body and mind about a month to get used to the idea. So, if you want to get into a new routine or to change your existing routine, keep in mind that you’ll need a more consistent dose of determination during the first month. Once the body gets used to the new routine and your mind with the new program, you’ll see results and it will be much easier for you!

Why is it better to exercise in the morning?

Putting on your trainers to go for a jog the moment you wake up in the morning, or hitting the gym before having your coffee might be hard to envisage, if you’ve never done it before. However, you should know that many people find it easier to accommodate exercise in their morning routine. And the benefits of exercising early in the morning are also totally worth it!

  • Boosts energy levels

You might think that it’s almost impossible to get a boost of energy when you exercise in the mornings. You just woke up, you are half asleep, how could exercising help and not make you even more tired? Well, exercises stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain. And these endorphins are responsible for making us feel good and vibrant and energetic! As a result, exercising early in the morning can lay the foundation for a very successful and productive day!

  • Stimulates brain activity

Did you ever feel like you need a second coffee or another hour to fully wake up and function in the morning? It’s not as uncommon as you might thing. A good dose of caffeine in the morning can start the engine, but exercising can do a much better job in stimulating brain activity.

You must have heard about people who need to take a walk to clear their heads before making a decision or after they were just hit with serious news. It’s not just a saying, or a way of spending time alone. Exercising, even walking, can clear your head as it increases your ability to focus. It can also increase your creativity, so exercising early in the morning can actually lead to increased productivity at work, taking better decisions and being more focused.

  • Keeps you going

Consistency is key when it comes to exercising. And doing it early in the morning can actually help you sustaining this routine on the long run. It’s much easier to not miss a workout when it is scheduled early in the morning. Otherwise, during the day plenty of things can occur that can make you run off the rails. If you set up your alarm for 7 am or 9 am or whatever time is convenient for you to exercise in the morning, it’s highly unlikely that something else will occur at this hour, so easier to keep in line with your workouts.

The main reason why people avoid exercising first thing in the morning it’s the waking up hour. If you’re not an early bird, it could be quite a struggle to give up an hour or two of sleep in the morning to fit your new workout routine. However, it’s all worth it, as you will see soon enough!

Why to exercise in the evenings?

You’re done with work and most of the chores of the day and now you can find a bit of time just for yourself. A good time to hit the gym? Yes, of course, as some experts claim! What’s so great about exercising in the evenings? Let’s have a look together at the pros!

  • Helps you unwind

If you had a stressful day at work, there are few things that can help you get your mind off things as exercising can do. Hit the gym and soon you’re so focused on the pain in your abs that you barely remember your day at all! If you don’t want to take the stress at the workplace at home, it might be wise to have a round at the gym or a run in the park just before getting back home. You’ll be much happier, relaxed and you will enjoy more your time spent at home if you exercise before.

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  • Boosts energy levels

Ok, we said this already for exercising in the morning. However, it’s still true if you exercise in the evenings too. So, if you need a pick-me-up to get things done after work, you should probably exercise before getting home. Even if you feel exhausted after long hours at work, a short (or longer) workout session could help you last longer into the night and could give you the much needed energy to do stuff at home too.

The issue with exercising in the evenings is that it could be so very tempting to forget about it and go home and pour yourself a glass of wine. Stuff can happen during the day that can prevent you from exercising at the end of your program. However, if you’re determined to turn this into a daily routine, there’s nothing stopping you from exercising in the evenings and enjoying all the benefits.

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